Sunday, September 27, 2009

NFS:Shift Demo

NFS:Shift was recently released. Now I like driving simulations though they require a lot of concentration. Arcade racers a great for fun to be able to pick up and play. NFS:Shift is EA´s attempt at putting some credibility back into the franchise after the mixed receptions of its efforts post NFS:Undergound. They have tried to hit somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, to appeal to casual players that have foot on the floor as much as those who like a more realistic driving experience.

Considering my PC has reached the retirement age of 3 years, I downloaded the demo to see if the game was playable on my slightly outdated hardware. I must say the demo plays okay but I do have framerate issues and the photorealism is not up to what I expected. I think that is probably my max LCD resolution of 1280, though FUEL actually looks prettier and uses less resources on my system. Turning the difficulty up to max provides a decent racing challenge, though I feel the car handling is a bit too twitchy. In general though it looks good, though I think I´ll wait till I get a Playstation3 before buying the game.

So here is a replay of the demo of me, in last place, on a circuit through Westminster.