Saturday, September 27, 2008

The real Buzz Lightyear, LHC and IBM

Congratulations to Yves Rossy who crossed the channel in a Buzz Lightyear suit ;) Having four kerosene turbines inches from your face must be a bit unnerving, but at least he made it. I wonder how long it will be before this becomes the latest rage in extreme sports.

IBM have threatened to quit the ISO after the mess surrounding Microsoft´s fasttrack of the OOXML standard. To me, fast tracking anything means that it at least must have some kind of defacto standing. That whole episode to me was yet another example of Microsoft throwing its corporate, monopolistic weight around and unfortunately tarnishes ISO´s reputation as a standards body. Standards are about interoperability, not monopoly and that certain ISO members were so easily convinced into supporting a half baked spec like OOXML is frankly outrageous.

Finally the LHC, following fears of black holes before its initial start-up will be out of action for a few months, following a break down of the super conducting magnets and a helium leak. Apparently it won´t be until spring next year before it´s up and running. Now as far as I remember they got a beam up and running in one direction, but hadn´t got as far as colliding two beams. That´s when the fun will really start. Now I´m no end of the world freak, but I wonder if any more delays may bring the actual collision date closer to 2012 ;)