Saturday, July 11, 2009

Python And A Wiimote

Controlling two 15 ton grapples. This is just one of the cool things you can do using the Python scripting language and a Wii controller.

Capitalism: A Love Story

This is the title of Michael Moore´s new film to be released on October 2 this year and describing the events leading up to the current economic crisis. Now although this will be interesting, it´s pretty much common knowledge that a removal of corporate auditing protections and over-encouragement by the Federal Reserve Bank have led to the greedy bankers lending money to people who clearly were not capable of paying it back. So to some of the American audience this may come as a shock, to the rest of us who know that it´s all down to a bunch of fat cat bankers at the top that corporations are going bust and that people are losing their jobs, it´s old news. I can only assume that this goes back to Michael´s roots and the car manufacturing town of Flint, Michigan.

Google Chrome OS

It´s finally happened. After the suspicion that Google were working on something to compete directly with Microsoft after the release of the Google Chrome browser in September last year, they have finally admitted they are building a thin OS for use with cloud environments that should be available for netbooks in the second half of 2010. Chrome uses separate processes for each tab that is launched, so there´s more going on under the bonnet than just rendering web pages. Also since Google already have desktop applications running on the web, making an OS that makes access to these services that much easier is an obvious next step.
To be honest I´m surprised that it´s taken so long to get to the stage that we´re just using set-top boxes to access the internet, considering there is so much that can be done online already. However Microsoft´s monopoly is a hard nut to crack...and I wish Google the best of luck!

July 4 Cyber Attack

Since July 4 the New York Stock Exchange, White House and Defense Department have been under cyberattack according to the BBC, slowing down and shutting down government websites. No details are forthcoming, probably because they may reveal vulnerabilities that others may take advantage of should the news get out. South Korea has been under similar attacks and the suspicion is that North Korea may be behind the actions, adding to the sabre rattling missile launches of the past couple of weeks.

Climate Policies Not Working

While the G8 are discussing this week and agreeing on limiting a maximum 2C increase in surface temperatures before the end of the century, the BBC says a report published by the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford have indicated that the proposed carbon credit system in the Kyoto protocol is not working, is too complex and that it would be better to focus money on using real carbon reduction techniques that are proven to work such as carbon extraction from fuels before burning.

7 July Memorial Unveiled In Hyde Park

A memorial to the victims of the 7 July London Underground bombings has been unveiled by Prince Charles, the BBC reports. The memorial consists of 52 steel pillars, each representing the victims. The steel pillars are plain and undecorated, conveying the fact that the victims were members of the public and could have been anybody. On closer inspection the pillars are grouped, representing the three locations where the bombings occurred. The memorial has been created in consultation with the victim´s families. Next time I´m in London I must not forget to visit it.

BT drops Phorm

BTs experiment with deep packet inspection to push advertisements based on browsing habits has ended. Phorm, the company responsible for the technology that BT were using has been dropped according to The Register, with some further analysis here. Doesn´t help that BT tested the technology on thousands of unwilling participangts without their consent. A victory for consumer privacy if nothing else.

Karl Malden and Mollie Sugdon

Two more well known TV stars have died. Karl Malden was famous for his roll as Mike Stone in The Streets of San Francisco as well as winning an Oscar as best supporting actor in A Streetcar Named Desire. Mollie Sugdon was best known for playing Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served? Rest in Peace.

Sheep LED art (sponsored by Samsung)