Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fuel processor

Take a two stroke engine and let it run to warm it up. Then switch off the petrol supply and open the supply from the reactor. The reactor works by bubbling the hot exhaust gases through the reactor´s contents causing the mix to evaporate. The evaporated mixture which is relatively cold is sucked back by the vacuum within the engine, along a tube within another tube containing the hot exhaust gas. Hot gas in one direction and cold gas in another creates an electric field which gives the gas a charge, creating a plasma. This charged gas is then piped into the engine as fuel.

The reactor contains a mix of 10-20% petrol and the rest is cola or coffee or even water, so long as there some carbon-based fuel in there. This means the amount of oil-based fuel required to run the engine is drastically reduced. The nice part about this is that unlike other hydrogen based systems that require electrolysis to generate the fuel (which itself requires energy), this one looks like it only needs to be kick started with hot exhaust gases to get the reaction going.

The saddest part is that the original inventor Paul Pantone got set up when trying to sell his idea to an investment company and is now locked up in a Utah State Hospital.

Peter Schiffs Economic Predictions

The stock market is a virtual, emotional bubble based on greed and short-term profits. There are plenty of links and videos on the web from economic analysts that have pointed out that the credit markets in the US were unsustainable, before the current economic woes began. The first video here is a compilation of comments from Peter Schiff on various news shows before the crisis took hold. I hate the way Fox just laugh out loud at people when someone doesn´t agree with the consensus. But I´ve seen that all to often on US forums.

When Peter was interviewed by CNN by Becky Anderson about the ecomonic stimulus plan (basically borrowing another 700 billion dollars to prop up companies facing huge losses - borrow from where?) the interview feed was mysteriously lost. Censorship anyone?

Finally a tribute to Peter Schiff with The Beasty Boys Sabotage as backdrop.

Unusual Metal

A couple of metal twists. First a video from Diagonal View about a monk who fell in love with metal after a Metallica concert and formed his own band.

Then Cannibal Corpse play Britney´s Hit Me Baby One More Time - the original schoolie video of course ;) here.