Sunday, January 18, 2009

Top 25 security related coding errors

SANS have published a list of the top 25 coding flaws that make software vulnerable for cyber attacks. Although the list is not really surprising (e.g. checks on buffer boundaries, hard coded passwords), it´s good that the list is there and published by a vendor independent body. Makes a useful checklist for software review.

Windows in your coffee machine

Microsoft are taking their ¨windows everywhere¨ approach pretty seriously by making a prototype coffee machine that runs Windows. It can give you the weather forecast as well as making coffee.
Reminds me of the refrigerator from LG that was internet enabled, so in that sense this whole ¨reinventing the home applicance¨ stuff is not new and certainly not a Microsoft innovation (but then again what is).
Also, it´s all well and good providing information to people wherever they are, but as soon as network security has the potential to be a risk factor when selecting a cappucino, I wonder whether things have gone too far.