Sunday, September 20, 2009

Store Wars: Organic Food

Bugatti Veyron vs. McLaren F1

Shame I missed the summer season of Top Gear. Here is a drag race between the Veyron and McLaren F1, featuring Richard Hammond and The Stig.

US Antitrust Rejects Google Book Deal

Google´s plans to scan books in the public domain and publish them has not only had criticism from Microsoft/Yahoo/Amazon who clearly have their own plans, but also by the US DOJ acording to the BBC. Apparently there are copyright and antitrust issues that are not sufficiently covered under the proposed deal, so the DOJ have advised the court to reject it.

Adidas vs. Puma

This report from the BBC describes how a friendly football match will be played between the rival factories of Adidas and Puma in Germany, officially ending a 60 year old feud. Both companies were set up by rival brothers in the same town, creating a loyalty tog of war within the town. Now the companies no longer have the family ties, with both firms on the stock exchange with multiple stakeholders.

Euro Missile Shield Cancelled

Obama has undone the controversial missile shield project that Bush had proposed, in which a missile station would be built in Poland and a radar base in the Czech republic. The Russians weren´t too happy about such a system being placed on their doorstep and are pleased with the announcement, which comes as a result of a new evaluation of the Iranian threat. Although Iran are suspected to be working on nukes, their current level of technology means that such a threat would still be years away.

Mafia Control Toxic Waste

The BBC reports on how Italian authorities are investigating what is probably a sunken wreck containing toxic waste. It seems the Mafia now have control over the toxic waste business, which is worth a lot of money because of the costs of proper processing. Instead of shipping the waste to be disposed of properly, the ships are sunk instead. The report says that Greenpeace has been tracking multiple ships that have gone missing in the Mediterranean.

BeOS returns: Haiku OS Alpha-1

For those fans of BeOS, there is hope for a revival. After 8 years of silence, Haiku, the open source project responsible for bringing BeOS back to life have an Alpha release available here.

Family Guy FCC Complaints

I like Family Guy, though there are obviously parts of American society that find some of the show´s references too much (watch do people like that watch the show then?). Ars Technica reports that particular episode in March this year could explain a peak of over 170K complaints to the FCC. Peter and family are obviously not put off though.