Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Internet Kills

Use of the internet is leading to increased social isolation, according to Dr. Aric Sigman in an article on The Register. It has long been known that singles live shorter lives and that social interaction is beneficial to health. Although the internet is providing means of communications across the globe and some of that is interactive, this is no substitute for real-world interpersonal social contact. Even in the home individuals are spending more time behind their own screens on the internet rather than talking to each other. In the long term this may lead to increased ailments associated with social isolation, such as depression and reducing the body´s natural immune system.

Violent Video Games

Following on from on of previous posts about violent video games may actually help in the devlopment of young boys, California have apparently reversed a judges decision to ban selling violent video games to minors, according to The Register. In another ruling which implies that porn is considered more harmful than graphic violence, one wonders where priorities in the US lie. One cannot compare Tom and Jerry to Fallout 3 and classification of video games is there for a reason. Adults should take some responsibility in considering what is right for children so why isn´t selling an 18 rated video game to a minor at the same level as selling alcohol to someone who is underage?

Hitler Spared Blackpool

During the second world war the Germans knew that soldiers on leave stayed in Blackpool area and that there was even aerospace manufacturing for the Wellingtonm bomber in the area. The area was spared from bombing because Hitler wanted to use the town as his private resort after he´d conquered Britain, according to The Register. Now although Blackpool was the resort for the working communities of East Lancashire and lovely when it´s sunny, and retains a certain Victorian feel, it is distinctively grey when the weather is bad. I don´t know whether he actually visited the place, but one wonders about the quality of German intelligence.