Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jesus In IKEA

Following reports in recent years ranging from toast to marmite, it seems the son of God also likes his Swedish furniture, with his face turning up at the Glasgow IKEA store, says The Telegraph. Is this another sign of the second coming, Armageddon or 2012? Or we does the Internet generation just have a really good imagination.

Missing The Airport By 150 Miles

This week should reveal some interesting results about what really happened on NW188 to Minneapolis, which failed to make radio contact and missed the airport by 150 miles. Air traffic controllers feared a hijacking and had to request nearby planes to make contact on the last known frequency before the pilots responded. Contrary to media reports there was no alcohol or arguing involved, though perhaps a heated discussion was to blame. CNN reports here.

Windows 7

It's here. The Vista killer. There seems to be too much hype at the moment about what kind of new features it brings. Looking around it seems like they've taken feedback from users to optimise performance and touch up the user experience a bit over the last 2.5 years. To be honest looking at the reviews and Microsoft's own requirements for Vista and Windows 7, Windows 7 looks like Vista, has the same requirements as Vista with a more user friendly UAC and a bit of extra eye candy like tool bar preview Windows.
What's pissing me off a bit is the calls in the media that Windows 7 seems to have a smaller footprint than Vista. The system requirements from Microsoft themselves show that the footprint is the same and in fact 7 requires slightly more minimum disk space. Even Vista came with a miniumum requirements list that 7 doesn't seem to have. If this was based on user experience I could understand it, but it is the media that are saying and I'm sure they haven't tried to install it on 5 year old hardware. Also don't forget that 2.5 years has passed so 7 on new hardware will always be faster than Vista was on what was new hardware 2.5 years ago.
So if you ask me, this looks more like what Windows 98SE was to Windows 98 than anything truly groundbreaking. I do agree with the claim that this could be the last tru client OS from MS, considering the growing importance of mobile and cloud computing. In any case, MS had a launch party, reported on The Register here.