Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Portal - Complete! (5/5)

After completing NFS:UC, it was time for something else. I have a slight backlog on games at the moment. I'd restarted Hellgate:London again a couple of months ago after reading the books that were spin-offs from the game and since I'd completed Fallout 3. My second character in Fallout 3 is still going, though I'm still deciding the best direction, since there are parts I still haven't seen.
So I installed Portal which has been siting on my shelf for the best of a year, and what a game it is! I knew it wasn't a long game, about 10-15 hours, but the concept was really interesting. As a human test subject in Aperture technologies' nutrition enrichment program, the goal is to get through 19 puzzle filled levels, using a portal gun. This allows you to create transport gateways from one location to another, like walking through a door. You can also attach them to floors and walls so you can fall, which is used to great effect in some of the levels. The fruits of all this labour is the promise of cake at the end of the run...or is it?
Anyway, this was great fun. The puzzles were novel and challenging without being overly difficult. The graphics in this 3D world are lovely and the computers voice has some funny things top say and is well worth paying attention to. The comcept of the portal gun was original too. I give this one top marks!